Calling All Interns

Hey it’s me, Joseph, the fancy new coffee machine at Firehouse. I brew the best, that’s why they picked me. So I’m here to tell you that Firehouse is continuing their streak of high standards and looking for a kick-ass intern. So if you’re an art director (junior or senior in college ) who’s amped like a triple espresso, apply for our 10-week internship program staring June 7th. And no, you won’t be making any coffee. That’s my job, capeesh? 

Right, so here’s the grind: 

Résumés and portfolios are great and will become more vital as you further your career. But we’re more interested in you. What drives you, what excites you, and what makes you the very best candidate? To help answer those questions here are some position-specific requirements. 

Art Direction/Design: 

- Experience ideating killer concepts and visual executions 

- Ability to jump into a fast-paced work environment and give it their all 

- Proficiency working in Adobe Creative suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)—huge plus if you’re a savant of After Effects 

- A strong portfolio demonstrating creative thinking and design executions 

Still interested? 

Here’s how it works: Tell us why you would be the best summer intern in either FIVE SLIDES OR FIVE MINUTES. What do we mean by that? Well, you’re the creative—concept that baby. The only guidelines are that you have to make your case for "most amazing intern" using only five presentation slides or five minutes of audio/video. 

Send all your goods to by 5:00 CDT on Friday, 4/8. 

And please include your name, your email, your phone number, the college you are attending and when you will graduate. I’m a coffee maker, not a mind reader. 

The fine folks at Firehouse will sift through all submissions like a pricey french press. All while enjoying a really good coffee. Made by me. Not you. Because you will be doing more important things.