Interstate Batteries
What A Cheap Battery Can Cost You

Building on the success of our integrated “Be There” campaign for Interstate Batteries was no easy task. Continuing the mantra of “when you need to be there, you need an Interstate Battery,” this evolution of the campaign highlights exactly what you’re missing out on when you aren’t, in fact, there. This campaign has been honored with a National Gold Addy Award.

The insight:

A cheap battery might save you money in the short term, but when it eventually fails, and it will, the consequences can be more than just inconvenient. They can be life changing.


Scary Movie

:60 TV

Airing in theaters during the blockbuster season between Halloween and Christmas, it’s a cautionary tale hopefully no one relates to.

Lottery Pool

:30 TV

In a year that saw the biggest Lottery jackpots in history, this spot resonated in offices across the country.


:30 TV

As spring approached, our thoughts turned to the joy, and pain, of finding “the one.”


The stars of our spots showed up in Facebook feeds to help tell the rest of their story.

Lottery Pool

:45 Social


:30 Social

Scary Movie

:50 Social


Media placements don’t get much more perfect than this. The following pre-roll ads only ran on phones whose battery life was 20% or lower.

Birthday Dog

:30 Mobile

Skippable YouTube

Like a dead battery, pre-roll ads keep you from where you really want to be, so we created one that hates itself as much as everyone else does.

Skip Start

:30 YouTube