Pop the Corks, We've Got Promotions

Things are changing around here. And it’s awesome.

We’re thrilled to announce a few promotions on the Firehouse team. Alisa Hoops and Phil Brito are moving on up to Senior Project Managers, Brittany Stroud ditched the "junior" status and is now a Media Strategist and Erica Baker is climbing to the top as an Account Supervisor. There’s so much we could say about these hard workers, but we’ll let their supervisors do it for us:

“Alisa stays up late to see things through because she knows her team is relying on her. Moreover, her team knows they can rely on her. They look to her to get them through sticky situations, to always know the right next step. And while everyone else might be pulling their hair out, her hair is perfect as usual, she is poised, ready to add as many to-do’s to her list as necessary.”

"People say of Phil “I want that guy on my team!” and “I love working with him!” and “Who ate all the cake?” He’s the agency BFF and morale booster: Do you need a Starbucks run? Can I help you with anything? What can I take off your plate? Need to take a walk? To him, his timelines and to-do list are important, but not as important as his coworkers—his friends.”

"When I think of Brittany and her time at Firehouse, I cannot help but think about how much she has changed professionally and personally. It is such a shift that I would call it a metamorphosis, a transformation, or even (if I dare) like a phoenix. Brittany has perfected her skills in paid social media. She can run a Facebook and Instagram campaign with the best of them and will monitor that budget down to the penny. (Because sometimes we only have pennies to spend)."

“'Favorite all-time employee' is how a professional reference once described Erica. It’s clear to see why. Over the past three years, Erica has demonstrated a solid understanding of her clients’ business, striving to advance their brands forward even when that meant using the road less traveled. She never does the minimum and never lets anything slip through the cracks. She makes the challenging job of mastering both day-to-day execution and strategic thinking look easy. For these reasons and more, she will be a great Account Supervisor."

Congrats, team! Now, let’s have some champagne and celebrate.