It's time to rethink your air

In this business, we dream about clients who will allow us to break new ground. That’s especially true for those in categories known for doing the same type of work over and over again. That’s one of the reasons our Lennox client is so remarkable.

The HVAC industry has been due for a strategy and messaging shake up for quite some time and Lennox came to us wanting to shake things up. They’re a premium brand and had been a little quiet lately. It was time for them to get back out there and raise the bar.

Months of strategy work and creative exploration later, we found a way to challenge people’s notion of how to improve their quality of life. Today’s consumers are constantly searching for ways to make every day just a little bit better, a little bit healthier and a little bit less stressful. We try yoga and Pilates. We jump onto diet trends and fads. We buy mattresses that coddle us in our sleep. We meditate. The money people are willing to spend and the things we’re willing to try are mind boggling. What we overlook, however, is the most basic and necessary component to life: air.   

The cleanliness and quality of the air we breathe along with its temperature and humidity has a greater impact on how we feel than just about anything else. This is especially true at home where we sleep and spend most of our time. By changing perceptions and challenging people to “rethink their air” we are able to further separate Lennox from its competition and blaze a new, interesting and relevant trail in a category that desperately needed it.