Bedtime Stories

Every house has its quirks, and we’ve all adapted to living with our own home’s unique inconveniences and discomforts. But what if we didn’t have to?

Consumer research shows that most homeowners often have no idea that solutions exist for issues like indoor air quality, hot and cold spots, and many more. So, when Lennox totally transforms their home, it can feel almost magical.

With Bedtime Stories, Lennox and Firehouse created a series of animated fairytale videos about problems we can all relate to, from allergies to arguing over the thermostat. We cast real families to star as our characters, and we worked with an illustrator and an animator to create three unique worlds.  

The moral of the stories? You shouldn’t have to live with anything less than perfectly comfortable air.


ECD: Tripp Westbrook

GCD: Michael Buss

Copywriter: Mallory Ashcraft

Creative Direction: Jason Heatherly

Art Direction: Caleb Alba, Jennifer Mallette

Account Director: Blair Torres 

Account Supervisor: Tara Hays

Project Manager: Phil Brito

Client Team: Kim McGill, Stephanie Bond, Luis Rodriguez

Producer: Chelle McDonald

Production Company: Equilateral Films

Director: Roger Peters

Producer: Jessica Cramer