Winning isn’t the only thing, but it’s a good thing.

I’ll start by saying that I’m immensely proud of the work that Firehouse does. Not just the creative output, but also the smart strategic thinking and insights. And the sharp, integrated media plans that allow our creative and strategic work to have a serious impact. I don’t need awards and accolades to believe that what we’re doing is significant and of consequence.

That said, last week was the Dallas AAF ADDY awards. Our little agency here in Dallas took home 26 awards (our highest total ever), including three golds and two “Judges Choice” awards. Perhaps the most gratifying part of it all is that this wasn’t a haul built on a bunch of pro-bono work. The biggest awards went to some of our largest clients. It’s honestly incredibly humbling to know that the work we do day in and day out for them is appreciated and recognized. I can’t thank them enough for their partnership and I can’t thank our team enough for their drive to always push for what’s right.

So while yes, I don’t need awards and such to feel good about the work we do, I admit that when we get them, it feels really, really good. 

Consumer Campaign - Gold & Judge's Choice: Interstate Batteries Consumer Campaign
Client: Interstate Batteries

Television Regional/National - Single - Silver & Judges Choice: "Cowboys" :30
Client: Texas Dairy Queen

Internet Commercial - Single - Gold: "Lottery" Social 
Client: Interstate Batteries

Public Service Collateral - Brand Elements - Gold: Outlive Yourself Logo
Client: Outlive Yourself Foundation