State of Search 2015

A little rain never stops anybody, right? Well, it most certainly didn’t stop us from attending this year's great State of Search conference.

The opening keynote by Rand Fishkin was the espresso shot everyone needed to start the conference. He covered SEO in a Two Algorithm World, and how SEO experts now have to optimize for Engine and for people.  (Pst, You can get the full presentation here:

In Adam Dorfman’s session, “Near Me Moments,” he discussed the importance of local listings' health and how to turn micro-moments into opportunities. Want to know what stats like "82% of smartphone users use a search engine when looking for a local business” and “'Near me' searches on Google have increased 34x since 2011” means to all of us?  It means Local listings still matter! make your data available in as many places as possible— focus your efforts on the sites and data points that impact you the most. (Follow up here:

In “What is CRO?” by Bryant Garvin, he covered the “ do’s” of CRO for mobile. Many businesses fail to properly optimize their website for mobile traffic, thus making it harder for mobile conversions to occur.  So, what do you do? Have an actual mobile website, not just a responsive one. Then, review how easy it is for people to convert. Is your mobile form-friendly? If not, fix it! It’s as simple as changing imput types.  Find more input types here: . Overall, if you want more mobile conversions, keep things simple because people are, well… lazy.

Hopefully, you won’t miss another State of Search. Catch you next year— rain or shine.