…And the Outlive Yourself Foundation is Born

Firehouse has been a proud partner of Taylor’s Gift Foundation since 2011, shortly after its inception, and the agency is excited to share the Foundation’s newest chapter as they team up with Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) to create a new non-profit: the Outlive Yourself Foundation.

The Outlive Yourself Foundation plans to focus on three key objectives: driving research and education that will lead to more successful organ transplants; supporting the donation of organ and tissues while educating the public on the importance of donation; and supporting the needs of donor families and transplant recipients.

In November, STA also broke ground on a new facility in Dallas. It will include a full, stand-alone organ and tissue recovery center and be the first of its kind in this part of the country. We look forward to the advances in organ donation that Southwest Transplant Alliance and the Outlive Yourself Foundation can drive together. The partnership presents the opportunity for both organizations to make an even larger impact.

Firehouse also looks forward to continuing our partnership with the Outlive Yourself Foundation. Some of our first work was developing the brand strategy for the new foundation and the logo that appears above. And, I am proud to have been asked to serve as Board Chair. It’s always a privilege for us to purpose our time and talents against things that matter even more than sales and bottom lines.

Keep an eye on the Outlive Yourself Foundation. We see a future worth celebrating.