Silver Linings

When we left the agency on March 16 to work from home, the pandemic was fairly new in our neck of the woods. Most of us assumed we’d be home for a few weeks, maybe a month. Well, 25 weeks later we’re still home. And honestly we’re not sure when we’ll be back, but we hope it's soon. 

While the last few months have brought waves of stress and uncertainty, we noticed that a few silver linings started to emerge. Yes, there’s been more time for family and binging Netflix, but out of this chaos have come new routines, a new appreciation for things big and small, and the opportunity to step back and appreciate what really matters in life. 

Here’s a few of our Firehouse family’s silver linings - we hope you’ve taken the time to find yours. 

My silver lining is learning that this is how my dog sleeps when he thinks we're gone at the office all day. - Erica 

“Yes, some of my expenses have gone down, which is nice, but there are certainly more meaningful things to take away from this crazy time. I’ve read a ton and found a great appreciation for being brought along with a story, in the way only a physical book can. I’ve found running is not punishment but a wonderful privilege and escape with immense health benefits. I’ve been able to spend quality time with my parents, just the three of us, which is such a rare thing and something I very much cherish. Last but not least, I’m thankful for the forced slow down. Calendars were wiped clean and the general pace of life has slowed. Hopefully that is something as a society we can carry with us for years to come, without outside pressures to do it all and with a better balance of our career time and the rest of our lives.” - Blair

There’s more time for family, more time for getting outdoors, and there’s definitely more time for tequila. - Paul 

“Basically, I’m the raddest motherfucker in my neighborhood. Conservatively, I’d say I’ve rollerbladed 60% of the days we’ve been in home lockdown. All of this skating has resulted in me going through four sets of wheels in five months. To give you context, high school Daniel, who played roller hockey with his friends like crazy, changed his wheels once every four months. To (tank) top it off, I’ve recently completed the look with a series of NHL-themed tank tops. Also, a pic below. Anyway, I throw it all on—along with my hockey gloves so I can roll into any fall—and then I’m off and whizzing past old dudes with knee braces, easily startled yorkies, and, occasionally, a cyclist who (in my head at least) resents my blazing radness.” - Daniel 

“Even though these past weeks have been filled with stress and uncertainty, I can’t help but feel somewhat grateful for this time I’ve had to spend creating memories with my loved ones. Lake days have been our favorite way to spend time together. Here is a video of my Dad wakesurfing and falling off. He would probably prefer me show the video where he doesn’t fall off but that’s not as entertaining.” - Quinlan