Changing the status quo for our industry

The status quo for the advertising industry has not been as inclusive or equitable as it should be. Firehouse's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion team was formed in 2020 to shape agency policies, review creative work to ensure culturally insensitive work is never published, and report on the agency’s progress. 

We have also completed the Workplace Enlightenment Program on diversity, equity and inclusion, and have been certified by the American Association of Advertising Agencies. In addition, we updated our recruiting and hiring practices to ensure a more equitable process from start to finish, introduced new steps for transparency in the hiring and promotions process, and expanded our network of colleges and universities to include HBCUs. 

The terrible injustices of the last year have been a catalyst for us to start an education process that will hopefully lead to a more inclusive, more equitable and more diverse workplace. We’ve just begun our journey. But we approach it with energy, enthusiasm, humility and accountability. 

You can read our first annual report and our Racial Equity Policy Statement here.