Building for Tomorrow by Building the Right Team

Leadership drives the course of an organization. But, I'd argue it's not the most senior leaders who have the largest impact on an organization's health, happiness and functioning. No, I'd argue it's that next tier of leadership who matter most. They are often that critical bridge between the generals and the troops. And they do as much as executive leadership to set the tone for the organization. 

That's why when you find talent who can not only contribute today, but whose values, worth ethic and intellect are right to lead the organization into the future, you have to recognize and celebrate them. In a market where good talent is hard to come by, those people truly are like gold. 

Firehouse is fortunate to have those people. I am grateful for them on a daily basis. And, today, I get to tell you a few of them are taking on new roles in the agency.

Megan Ward, Director of Operations, has been named Principal. In another life, Megan would have been a professional organizer. She likes things in their place, a trait that has served Firehouse well. Megan's affinity for process combined with an intuitive understanding of how to make an agency work best has made Megan a valuable contributor as an account manager, then our Director of Project Management (a discipline she developed) and today as Director of Operations. She's one of those people it is hard to imagine Firehouse without.

Erica Baker has been promoted to Principal/Group Account Director. After starting her career in non-profit marketing, Erica has been with Firehouse nine years and has worked in industries that range from cakes and cheerleading, to retail automotive and pet insurance. Erica has proven she can step up to any challenge and immediately contribute value. She has also been a driving force behind the agency's DE&I initiatives and in helping shape account management talent who we hope will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Emily Black has been promoted to Group Account Director. Emily joined Firehouse in 2020, bringing experience on a host of national brands, as well as the perspective she gained from managing her own brand (and P&L), having served most recently as Vice President of Marketing for home goods brand Wisteria. Emily knows how to be a true partner to her clients; navigating brands to greater success is a hallmark of her impressive career. And anyone who has worked with Emily likely seeks to do so again. 

Please join me in congratulating these three for their well-earned promotions.