Small is the New Big: Introducing Our Friends at Familiar Creatures

I have known Justin and Dustin for years. We all cut our teeth together at The Martin Agency, and I have nothing but mad respect for them. So when they started their own agency I was fascinated by how bold and daring they were to do so. I’ve followed them from the start and now that they’re expanding into bigger and better clients, I thought I’d catch up with them to see what inspires them and their clients.

Why are clients coming to you? Why are they choosing a small agency?

Clients typically come to us because they want to do great work with people they can trust. With us being small, it allows them to work more closely with the actual people creating their work, instead of meeting the exec team during the pitch and then dealing with day-to-day folks after. Also, let’s not forget smaller usually means less expensive–so they get what they need without the extra overhead, layers or subsidizing the indoor putting green.

Why do senior creative talent find a small shop attractive?

Senior creatives might find a small shop attractive because they feel like they can make a larger impact on the business and the work. And instead of being grouped into silos, they can work on a lot more brands.

As a small agency, how do you solve for client needs that outstrip your capabilities?

We have a high bar for work, so when we need to leverage an outside partner for media strategy or web development, we only recommend companies we know, trust and have worked with in the past.

What's some favorite work you've seen come out of another small agency?

Really admire what Erich & Kallman have done since they began—carrying the same torch that Gerry Graf, Wexley School for Girls held for so long. Their Take 5 and Jolly Rancher work come to mind.

Check out some of our favorite work by Familiar Creatures for Crunch Fitness:

Crunch Fitness "Crunch Mode" from Familiar Creatures on Vimeo.