Our Shining Star

We’ve always known she’s a star, but now it’s official. Firehouse’s Director of Project and Resource Management, Megan Ward, was honored at AAF Dallas’ 2019 Shining Stars Gala on May 23. This event celebrates the top 25 women in Dallas advertising.

Ask anyone here and you’ll hear Megan belongs on that list. An agency, or any organization really, is most often held back by its inability to enact change, to work differently and better. Now imagine having a discipline that identifies the best process for anything - from getting a print ad produced, to making sure agency blog content is fresh and thoughtful - and then ensures that process is executed effectively. That's project management at Firehouse. It's a discipline Megan believed in, advocated for, researched, introduced, refined and drives every day. For Firehouse, the project management team is a difference-maker. Sure, having them means client work gets done well and on time, but, more importantly, it means Firehouse is able to navigate more effectively toward, well, being better.

Megan’s purview extends past project management though. She also oversees creative resources, works with a team to craft agency compensation agreements, and plays a key role in stewarding the agency culture. Megan has an innate sense of what the agency will enjoy, but more importantly, what it needs - to be healthy, cohesive, and at its best. Being tasked with helping to shepherd the culture of the place you work, particularly the culture of an agency, is a tall order, but one to which Megan is uniquely suited.

Congratulations to Megan and all of this year’s shining stars. Learn more about this program and the 2019 class here.