Interstate Batteries "Be There" Campaign Featured as Creativity's Editor's Pick

The article below was published on Creativity on March 1, 2017. Click here to view it in its entirety. 

A Dead Car Battery Leads to Dire Consequences, Warns Funny Campaign for Interstate

Spot Shows How Your Vehicle Not Starting Is More Than Just an Inconvenience

A flat car battery is more than just an inconvenience -- it can have really dire consequences, says a new comedic campaign for battery brand Interstate.

The spots feature situations where folks' dead battery leads to horrible outcomes -- as in Grandma writing you out of her will because you failed to visit her (seen here), a superhero unable to come to the rescue of a city invaded by aliens, or an ageing heavy metal rock group failing to get to their big gig (which turns out to be a county fair).

The campaign is by Firehouse, and the spots were directed by Matt Dilmore at Biscuit.