Evolving Community Involvement

Make a Difference. That phrase is so ingrained in our company culture we’ve emblazoned it on our walls and talked about it in our pitches. We have a long history of volunteerism and doing work for causes we believe in. But as our lens has refocused on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, so too has our perspective on how, where and why we Make a Difference. 

So, in tandem with our freshly inked Racial Equity Policy Statement, we’re rolling out a new mission statement for our community involvement efforts moving forward:

To disrupt conventions that have limited opportunities and access for underrepresented groups. 

This mission is supported by a three-pronged approach that gives us a laser-focus on how we spend our volunteer hours, take on pro bono clients and make donations in our community: 

  • Giving our time to build a more diverse advertising community. Through a partnership with Richardson ISD, we’re meeting with high school students to teach them about careers in advertising and the importance of diverse perspectives in the industry. 

  • Giving our talents to help systemically underserved businesses with low or pro bono work.

  • Giving our money, through company and employee donations, to support organizations that provide access and opportunity to historically underrepresented populations.

Our hope is that these efforts will one day lead to a more diverse advertising community and amplify underrepresented voices.