“Look, ma! We’re on the Super Bowl.”

Somebody, somewhere once said “everything old is new again.” And when it comes to America, nothing in this country is much older than Colonial Williamsburg. What’s new is their strategic positioning and a Super Bowl commercial to announce it.

Narrated by iconic NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, the spot (as you can see) takes the viewer backwards in history to the time and place where America’s DNA first compelled us to live free and boldly chart our own path: Colonial Williamsburg.

It’s not every day an agency gets to put such a firm stake in the ground for a client, but we knew from the get-go that this strategy deserved a great commercial on the greatest of stages. Fortunately for us, this particular client agreed and encouraged us to swing for the fences.

The spot will air during the game regionally in New York, D.C and Philadelphia. Enjoy.

ECD- Tripp Westbrook GCD/Writer- Greg Hunter GCD/AD- John Williamson Producer- Lana Pennino Editor- Tom Schachte, Hooligan EditorialAsst. Editor: Patrick Wittahaus Sound Mix- Stephen Davies, Hobo AudioAcct. Director: Amanda Driggers Acct. Supervisor: Ryan Phillips Project Mgmt: Megan Brueggemann