Introducing, The Dependables

Over the last 66 years, Interstate Batteries has built a reputation of being a dependable source of power. But power isn't the only thing driving this brand forward. Their core values of love, courage and integrity are seen in everything Interstate Batteries does. 

This spring, we set off on a mission to create a social campaign that embodied their values that was innately shareable on social media. It had to be something that pulled users in and created a powerful, emotional connection that would make them stop in a never-ending sea of content.

This idea was brought to life through "The Dependables." We identified those who embody these same traits - the unsung heroes who are quietly making tremendous impacts in others' lives and in their local communities, and we're proud to share their stories. 

The first in "The Dependables" series shares the story of the Hunger Busters organization and their CEO, Trey Hoobler. Hunger Busters is a Dallas-based charity focused on feeding kids and fueling futures by providing a much-needed third meal of the day to food-insecure children. We look forward to sharing more stories from "The Dependables" later this year. 

Special thanks to the team below for bringing this story to life:

Associate Creative Director: Jason Heatherly

Art Director: Jamal Prowell 

Account Director: Amanda Driggers

Account Supervisor: Matt Kirby

Project Manager: Phil Brito

Social Strategists: Ashley Shadowens & Steph Viands

Production company: Equilateral Films