Become One With Your Home

Lennox knows that if you’re thinking about your A/C or furnace, it’s probably because your home feels too hot or too cold. But when things are working perfectly, you don’t notice the temperature or quality of your indoor air. You simply become one with your home. 

We set out to show that transformation with the Become One With Your Home social media campaign. We curated interesting characters with eclectic homes as the faces of the campaign. Each looping video revealed the characters blending into their unique environments and bringing to life the invisible feeling of comfort. 


ECD: Tripp Westbrook

GCD: Michael Buss

A/D: Jennifer Bankston

CW: Mallory Ashcraft

Account Management: Blair Torres, Tara Hays & Morgan Clifton

Social Media Strategist: Ashley Shadowens

Production: Curiosity Shoppe

Director: Dan Brown

Producer: Charles Mulford