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Calling All Interns

Wade Alger

Hey it’s me, Joseph, the fancy new coffee machine at Firehouse. I brew the best, that’s why they picked me. So I’m here to tell you that Firehouse is continuing their streak of high standards and looking for a kick-ass intern. So if you’re…

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We have creative that needs directing

Tripp Westbrook

Like most of the industry today, Firehouse is looking for talent to join our team. But not just any talent. We’re looking for thinkers, mentors, artists and creators. Specifically, a creative director copywriter. One who embodies the values of the

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Deadline Extended! Call for Summer 2021 Intern Applications

Megan Ward

Excellent news! We’re looking for the next class of Firehouse interns. Even more excellent news! That could very well be you. Our 10-week internship program starts June 1st, and, this year, we’re looking for our starry-eyed newbies to serve as…